We are very proud to introduce to you our latest fabric collection. Our team of expert in-house fabric designers have worked closely with a selection of specialist mills to curate a collection of luxury natural fibre fabrics.

If you are looking to add some colour to your look, browse The Colour Collective. Our collection of exquisite cotton lines from Romo, Linara has a beautifully brushed finish with an exceptionally soft feel and is available in a palette of over 360 shades.

467 fabrics found

467 fabrics found

Astley Natural
Awaken Eau De Nil
Awaken Porcelain
Bliss Kelp
Bliss Magnet
Bliss Porcelain
Breeze Glacier
Breeze Stone
Brownsholme Natural
Calm Chalk
Calm Enamel
Calm Linen
Calm Mineral
Calm Slate
Calm Steel
Daydream Stone
Element Flagstone
Element Ice
Element Magnesium
Element Shale
Element Stucco
Element Titanium
Embrace Cobblestone
Embrace Fossil
Embrace Grain
Embrace Moonstone
Flourish Mist
Flourish Rose Quartz
Geneva Bone
Geneva Cadet
Geneva Chalk
Geneva Dove
Geneva Shingle
Geneva Squirrel
Geneva Steel
Geneva Stucco
Geneva Verdigris
Geneva Vintage Birch
Geneva Vintage Bramble
Geneva Vintage Caraway
Geneva Vintage Chambray
Geneva Vintage Delta
Geneva Vintage Eucalyptus
Geneva Vintage Nimbus
Geneva Vintage Sapling
Geneva Vintage Squirrel
Geneva Vintage Steel
Geneva Willow

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