A Collins & Hayes Footstool is a very versatile piece of furniture; of course, they are ideal places to pop your feet up, but they can be used in more ways than the traditional sense!

If you’ve got a footstool, ottoman or pouffe hanging around your home and you’re not really sure how to make it cohesive with your interior style, here are a few creative ways to make the most of your favourite footstool.

Coffee Table

Depending on the shape and size of your Collins & Hayes Footstool, you could use it as an alternative to a coffee table. This will bring a soft, cosier atmosphere to your living space, whilst also keeping your footstool as a functional item.

Simply place a metal or wooden tray on top of your footstool to create a sturdy surface. You could even pop some scented candles and a vase of fresh flowers onto your coffee table-come-footstool, to add more life and differing levels to the soft furnishing setup.

If you would like to transform your footstool into a coffee table, we recommend opting for a Collins & Hayes XL Footstool. This will allow you ample space to place down a tea tray, whilst also being able to rest your feet on the plump footstool at the same time. Pick a neutral coloured fabric to effortlessly blend into your décor, or opt for a bold accent fabric to bring more attention to your upholstered coffee table.

Extra Bedroom Storage

Hidden storage is key to keeping your home neat and tidy. We always require more storage room in our bedrooms, to hide away those soft furnishings we don’t always want on display. A great way to add more sneaky storage to your sleeping spaces is by including a Collins & Hayes blanket ottoman.

If you have the space, we recommend placing your blanket box at the end of your bed, to make the best use of the room you have available. This will be the perfect hideaway to store spare bed linen, blankets or pillows; a blanket ottoman would also be a marvellous addition to your spare bedroom. Once guests leave, you can neatly fold away freshly laundered sheets and comforters ready for your next visitors.

If there’s enough room in your hallway, you could also add a blanket ottoman or storage footstool into this area too. This means that when the seasons change, you can easily rotate coats and outerwear, neatly tucking away those that are unneeded at the time. Why not choose a supple leather for your blanket ottoman, to elevate it further with a sense of luxury.

Extend Your Sofa

This is an obvious choice, but if you’re looking to elongate your sofa but don’t have the space for a chaise end unit, why not consider adding a Collins & Hayes Footstool into a mix?

Our Sofas and Footstools are a very comfortable match made in heaven. We recommend placing a Small or Large Footstool in your preferred position in front of your sofa. This will allow you to stretch out your legs, creating more space on your Collins & Hayes Sofa to share with loved ones.

You could match your sofa-extending footstool to the same upholstery as your sofa, or allow it to stand out from the crowd by selecting a contrasting fabric. The choice is completely yours!


Add a Burst of Colour to a Room

Throughout our Beau and Beckett ranges, Footstools are available with tailored upholstery or casual slip covers. The beauty of the Slip Cover Footstool option is that you can update fabric colours with the changing seasons.

This means that you can add bright bursts of colour and refresh room décor whenever you feel like it. The Beau and Beckett Footstool Slip Covers can also be washed at a cool 30’c; for more information on how to care for Collins & Hayes Sofa Slip Covers, please read this article.

You can view our full range of Slip Cover Fabrics here.

If any of the Collins & Hayes Footstools or Ottomans mentioned in this article have taken your fancy, please visit your nearest Collins & Hayes stockist to take a look at them in person!