With Spring just around the corner it’s a great time to make changes to your home. It’s time to say bye to those comfort blankets, deep relaxing hues and winter candles that are too familiar in our homes during the colder months, and introduce new, fresh and brighter shades.

Our colour of the month is Sea Green. This shade is synonymous with nature, growth, freshness and harmony, perfect for the new season. Whether it’s a complete style overhaul, or adding a few subtle hints of this to your space, it will be sure to make your home feel fresh and uplifting.


Introducing this shade to your home is easy. This soft, tranquil colour won’t go out of fashion, and works well with many other colours, such as greys and creams.

To add a soothing yet stylish vibe to your space, using this for an accent wall is a must. If your preference is to keep your walls neutral, using this to paint book cases or cupboards will add the wow factor.

Add hints of this to your space with accessories such as cushions, throws or glass ware. Pairing this with fresh white walls or dark greys will make your room look crisp.

This versatile hue is an easy way to inject some colour into your space. Our stylist has pulled together her favourite ways to do this using fabrics from our range.

At Collins & Hayes we have hundreds of natural fibre fabrics to choose from: Browse our range of Sea Green fabrics.