If your sofa is starting to seem a bit tired and unloved, you may be wondering if it’s possible to wash your sofa covers at home.

Unfortunately there isn’t really a straightforward answer to this, as it very much depends on the style, fabric and upholstery of your sofa. Let us run you through our top tips on how you can look after and clean your Collins & Hayes sofas and chairs at home.

What can I do if I spill something on my sofa?

If you accidently spill something on your sofa covers, we recommend prompt action to avoid permanent staining.

– Remove as much of the spill as you possibly can with a damp, clean cloth or kitchen towel.
– Work towards the middle of the spill, to prevent spreading the stain.
– Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can leave a permanent mark and damage the sofa fabric.
– We strongly advise against using damp cloths or any liquids to clean velvet fabrics.
– Seek specialist upholstery cleaning advice if required.

How can I clean my sofa upholstery?

Due to the complex fibre structures used to create our range of fabrics, if you have purchased an upholstered sofa, we recommend that you only use specialist cleaning companies to clean your sofa. Although zips may be fitted to your sofa and cushion covers, this is often to assist ease of manufacture, and not for removal or cleaning purposes.

Our Core Fabric Range and Linara Fabrics can all be professionally cleaned and dry-cleaned, however they cannot be machine washed at home. Machine washing these fabric ranges could damage fire retardant treatment, cause fabric tone to fade, effect the finish of some fabrics and even shrink or distort covers altogether.

If you are unsure about whether your sofa covers can be washed or not, please check the laundry symbols attached to the base of your sofa cover.

However, with this being said, our Beau and Beckett models can come with slip covers that are machine washable at 30 degrees. Our Spirit, Wilder, Clarity and Sense fabrics are completely find to wash at home; slip covers offer versatility, sleek style and can be easily cleaned, meaning your Collins & Hayes sofa will remain looking fresh and new.

If you’d like to get a feel for the colours and fabric finishes our machine-washable slip covers can come in, why not order a selection of samples? Click here to order up to 8 free fabric samples.

How do I remove my sofa’s slip covers?

Step 1: Remove the cases from the seat, back and bolster or scatter cushions.

Step 2: Release the Velcro from the sides and front of your Collins & Hayes sofa frame.
Please note – for tailored slip covers, you will need to release the Velcro from under the base of the frame and unzip the cover at the back of your furniture.

Step 3: Starting in one corner, remove the slip cover from the base of your sofa, towards the top of the arm.

Step 4: Loosen and lift the slip cover on the opposite arm.

Step 5: Continue to remove the slip cover from the back and arms of your Collins & Hayes sofa.

For further details and a step-by-step video on how to remove your Collins & Hayes slip covers, please click here.

How do I wash my sofa’s slip covers at home?

Step 1: Turn your slip covers and cushion cases inside out.

Step 2: Put your slip covers and cushion cases into your washing machine. Depending on the size of the washing drum, you may need to separate the cushion cases from the larger slip covers. If this is the case, ensure you wash all slip covers and casings on the same cycle, for the same amount of time, to avoid differences in fabric tones.

Step 3: Choose the correct setting on your washing machine.
– We recommend a delicate cycle.
– Select 30 degrees.
– Select 400 revs spin (or lower).
– Do not bleach or use lightening detergents.
– Do not tumble dry.
– Do not use softener.

Step 4: Once your washing machine has finished its cycle, remove the slip covers and cushion cases.

Step 5: Holding each corner, shake your slip covers and cushion cases, gently stretching along the seams to keep them tight. Repeat this for each case and cover.

Step 6: Lay your slip covers on a flat surface to reduce creases. We recommend drying them on a flat surface.

Step 7: Your covers may need to be ironed. In this instance, iron your slip covers and cushion cases inside out, at no higher than 150 degrees.

Step 8: Your slip covers should be fitted back onto you Collins & Hayes sofa when slightly damp. Once fitted, steam your covers to reduce creases and give a finishing pristine look.

For further details and a step-by-step video on how to wash your Collins & Hayes slip covers, please click here.