Collins & Hayes History

You may be thinking, hang on… I already know about Collins & Hayes. That’s great! But do you know about our stunning new rebrand?

Explore our newly designed website and get to know the new Collins & Hayes or keep reading for a brief history lesson before you shop.

Fun Fact: we are over 150 years old!

That’s right… even though we’ve had a makeover; Collins & Hayes has been around since 1870.

A fusion of two families; the Collins family known for their high-quality cabinet making and the Hayes family specialising in top end upholstery – this blend of unique expertise led to the birth of Collins & Hayes. From the beginning, hard work and family values have driven our success and we still pride ourselves on creating quality furniture for your family home.

After the World War II, we decided upholstery and stylish fabrics were our thing and we shifted our focus from cabinets to Sofas and Chairs for everyday homes. We now have a beautiful range of Sofas, Chairs, Snugglers and Footstools available in all shapes and sizes unique for your sanctuary.

But don’t get it twisted; our commitment to craftmanship is still a priority. Our expert design teams and local factory crew understand how important a quality, long lasting sofa is. Therefore, we design furniture to grow with your family and make your house a home.

Fast forward to today and we are still a luxury upholstery brand, delivering both style and comfort to your door. Get acquainted with the new Collins & Hayes and see for yourself our innovative designs, classic shapes and trendy fabrics all waiting for you. See you there!