It’s Earth Day and this year’s theme is ‘Invest in our Planet’. From recycling, upcycling and even investing in new systems and technology, it’s never been more important to look after our planet.

We are seeing more and more people willing to search a little longer to make choices that not only look great but do great too! More recently our shopping habits and considerations have changed; Where does this come from? What is it made of? What is the process to make this? How harmful is this to our planet?

Here at Collins & Hayes, these sorts of questions have driven and guided all of our handcrafted sofas and chairs. From wood sourcing to fibres and fillings and the fabrics we source to ensure that all our handcrafted products not only look good, but do good too!

Take BE Collins & Hayes. Beautifully styled, sumptuous comfort, and sustainable too. The fillings are made from recycled plastic taken from the ocean, not only reducing discarded plastics, but also helping those living in poverty. Read more on the Quallofil Blue scheme here 

But our sustainability efforts don’t end there. All our wooden frames are sourced from sustainable forests, and come with a Lifetime Promise. This means in the unlikely event that the frame should fail because of a structural or manufacturing issue, we’ll commit to repairing or replacing it – meaning each Collins & Hayes sofa or chair will be there, through every event that life brings your way. Explore all our handcrafted and luxuriously comfortable sofas models here 

Our commitment to the environment is evident through everything we do, including our fabrics. Each fabric is made with 75% or more natural fibres, without the use of harmful chemicals and we are introducing more fabrics made from recycled yarns. Some of our fabrics are even machine washable at 30 degrees – not only giving you the opportunity to keep the sofa looking as good as the day it was delivered, but you can even keep up with changing trends. Why not feel how soft our fabrics and leathers are? Explore and request your free samples here.  


This Earth Day, there are lots of things you can get involved with too. Try upcycling that bedside table, batch cooking, or even grab your very own sofa by visiting our website.