Floral has been interpreted many ways and is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you should cast it aside as a safe interior trend. Just like nature, floral designs are always changing and evolving, as is the way we assimilate it into our homes. It’s easier than you think to refresh the look of your living room with floral accents that will keep you ahead of the trends for 2019.

Floral Wallpapers:

Go Bold: Living wall’s are growing in popularity and are perfect if you’ve got the time to cultivate it, we’ve found the perfect cheat with this wallpaper from MuralsWallpaper. The perfect paper for creating a bold statement wall in your living area, it allows you to paint the rest of the room a light neutral shade to stop it being overpowering, add our Maple sofa for a curvaceous accompaniontment.

Keep it subtle: Farrow & Ball is known for it’s high quallity paint, but they’ve also been growing their range of beautiful handcrafted wallpapers. The popular Helleborus design is available in six different shades; we love the pastel pink as a great subtle floral addition, perfect for pairing with our classic Miller sofa in a soft Geneva fabric.

Floral Fabrics

Keep it modern: Our Mikado Dandelion fabric (Grade C) is a splendid fabric to use on both scatter cushions or body fabric on an accent chair. The striking mustard colour is kept fresh by the minimal floral design, working great on our Heath sofa or chair with its clean lines and updated design.

Country tradition: If you want a more classic look on your sofa then opt for our Flourish Mist fabric (Grade C), bring walls and bold patterns aren’t for everyone. Pastel pinks, blues and creams give you a plethora of colour options for the rest of your room, we suggest a Lavinia sofa for this timeless country style.

Botanical Prints

To bring bohemian style to your living room stack 8 or 10 of these timeless floral prints together on one wall, a Radley in a dark shade like Linara battleship with plently of scatter cushion will perfectly complete your look. For for a more pared back look three large prints spaced apart with a lighter fabric your sofa and a few well placed cushions.

Trends are always changing and evolving into something new, don’t cast aside a theme or idea for being overdone, there will always be a new creative and inspiring way to bring it into your home.

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