The Christmas decorations have all come down and the remnants of the festive season have been packed away for another year. Your home is feeling fresh and ready for the year ahead; however, we are in the midst of winter, which means it’s the perfect time to create a cosy living room!

Banish the chill of the outdoors and create a serene, soothing space that makes you feel warm and comforted. In essence, we want you’re living room to make you feel how a welcoming cup of tea does – Calm, refreshed and at peace. Creating a cosy living room is a wonderful way to build a haven, the relaxing hub of family life and a place to unwind at the end of the day! We’ve put together some simple ideas on how to create a cosy living room to hibernate in throughout winter.

Create a Cosy Cocooning Sofa Space

Of course, the best place to start creating a cosy living room is with your sofa! Here at Collins & Hayes, we champion crafting incredibly comfy sofas and chairs for you to unwind on. Our Maple is particularly good for creating a cocooning space, as the curved sofa back provides a soft, relaxing aesthetic, perfect to curl into. The Collins & Hayes Maple Sofa range also includes a sumptuous Snuggler – a wonderful seat for 2 people to relax on, making the ideal cosy corner.

Maple can be styled in traditional tailored sofa upholstery, or covered in more contemporary slip covers; no matter which you’d prefer, our selection of warmly toned, relaxingly soft fabrics and leathers will all add to your cosy living room configuration. Take a look at our impressive range of fabrics and leathers; you can order up to 8 samples for free!

Shut Away the World with Curtains

A fabulous way to create a cosier living space is by hanging thick curtains. These will help to enclose living spaces, beautifully framing windows and create peaceful sanctuaries when drawn. We recommend opting for heavier, richly toned fabrics for cosy curtains during the winter period. This will help to elevate the cocooning atmosphere of your living room and establish a wonderful hideaway during dark, chilly evenings.

The Graham & Brown Glasshouse Pair Lined Eyelet Curtains from John Lewis are ideal for a cosy living room; they feature a decadent floral pattern that’ll match nicely to more neutrally toned walls. As they are floor length, these curtains will help to elongate the height of a room, making it seem more spacious, whilst enabling a cosy ambience. The deep greens of these curtains will also match perfectly with our Twill Teal and Linara Spruce fabrics!

Image: John Lewis

Influence Cosiness with Accessories

Simple accessories are a great way to make your living room feel cosier. Fill shelves with your favourite books, place seasonal flower bouquets on coffee tables and make more personal items, such as photos and artwork, focal points within your cosy living room set-up. If your living room includes a lovely log burner, opt for a tasteful log basket to complete your fireside; we love the Ivyline Round Wicker Log Basket from Olivia’s, which will nestle nicely into a cosy country aesthetic. Differing the textures of your floor space will also help to create a cosy living space; layer rugs or sheepskin throws on top of carpet or wooden flooring, facilitating a snug space for your feet as well! The Southdown Sheepskin Rug from Neptune would be a wonderful finishing touch to any cosy living room.

Southdown Sheepskin Rug
Images: Olivia’s / Neptune

The colour of your living room will also greatly enhance the mood and feeling of your cosy living room; deep blues are incredibly trendy at the moment, with more people turning to these tones for living room wall colours. Farrow & Ball’s Hauge Blue perfectly ticks this box; a beautifully rich blue that does wonders with natural light. Envelope yourself in the cosy blue, creating a sensual place to unwind.

image by farrowandball containing Property, Picture frame, Furniture, Shelf, Building
Images: Farrow & Ball

You Can Never Have Too Many Blankets!

It goes without saying, but of course, you’ll need a couple of warm blankets to add to your cosy living room creation! If you’re looking for some nifty storage spaces to fold your blankets and throws away in, we recommend our Lennon Blanket Ottoman. This spacious Storage Footstool is perfect for hosting soft furnishings when they’re not needed; it also doubles up nicely as a coffee or side table, as the wooden panelling is perfect for popping cups of tea on!

When it comes to extra cosy blankets, we favour the Knitted Cashmere Cable Throw from The Wool Company. A gorgeous neutral tone that’ll go with any colour palette, this soft and inviting cable knit throw is ideal for mellow and intimate evenings, spent curled up on your Collins & Hayes Sofa.

Knitted Cashmere Cable Throw Natural Knitted Cashmere Cable Throw Natural
Images: The Wool Company

Set the Scene with Warm Lighting

The mood and atmosphere of a room is hugely influenced by the way it is lit. Cold blue-toned lighting can be overly harsh, whilst more orangey warm hues can create a cosier ambience. The Gaia Low Energy LED Lightbulbs from Tala will add gorgeously warm tones to your living spaces, creating an unspeakable cosy living room. Use these beautifully intricate light bulbs within lampshades or as standalone pendant lights – They’re stunning enough to hold their own in any living space.

Images: Tala

If you are looking for some lamps to include within your cosy living room setup, take a look at the Recycled Glass Bottom Lamp from Rowen & Wren. An effortlessly lovely lamp that’ll fit into any aesthetic, this clear glass lamp bottom reflects light wonderfully around a room, creating a warm, encapsulating environment. Top it off with the Laura Ashley Pleated Soft Grey and Charcoal Empire Shade from Ocean Luxury Lighting to create a soft and textured lamp configuration, perfect for quaint and cosy evenings spent in the comfort of your home.

Images: Rowen & Wren / Ocean Luxury Lighting

Shall We Stay In?

What else would you add to create a cosy living room? We hope we’ve helped to spark some inspiration when it comes to creating a warming atmosphere in your home. Winter will be over before we know it, but in the meantime, it’s worth making the long, dark evenings spent at home more comfy and cosy – You’ll never want to leave the cocooning comfort of your cosy living room!