When it comes to selecting the perfect sofa size for your home, it can take a bit of time and careful consideration to think about what style and finish you’d like. Whether you live in a cosy, quaint cottage, or a contemporary, modern and open-planned space, the size of your sofa can really impact how your living room looks and feels.

First things first

Here at Collins & Hayes, we always recommend you measure your living space first, before purchasing a sofa. This way you can easily tell how much space you have to play with, meaning you can start to think about what size of sofa is best for your home.

If you’re redecorating, it’s also worth considering if you’re simply replacing your sofa to refresh the room, or going for a full repaint and matching your sofa fabric to the new aesthetic. Are you going for something soft and sultry, or dark and moody?

Lighter fabrics and leathers can allow smaller spaces to feel larger, due to the refraction of light. Leighton Neutral, Connection Ecru and Grove Chalk are some of our lighter and brighter firm favourites, giving an elegant touch to any room. Senai Noir, Geneva Vintage Delta and Clarity Indigo are much deeper, richer colours, creating a cosy, enticing atmosphere within a space.

Small but mighty

Often we think that bigger is better, especially when it comes to a sofa. But that isn’t always the case. Larger sofas in smaller spaces can completely swallow a room, allowing less space to manoeuvre, or even include other pieces of furniture.

In some cases, a Small sofa can be cosier and offer more comfort than a larger sofa. They are also much easier to integrate into a room, meaning you can add additional pieces such as footstools and accent chairs to complete your living room suite. Smaller sofas can be very versatile, taking pride and place in the living room, but also great additions to a bedroom, office or kitchen-diner.

Our lovely Lavinia is the perfect example of a tactile, compact sofa. Ideal for more condensed spaces, Lavinia can easily blend into any living room space. With the option of contrast piping and causal slipcovers as standard, Lavinia is perfect for every-day living, integrating understated elegance with family life.

Middle ground

If you’re more inclined to open-planned, spacious living, we recommend opting for a Medium-sized sofa. This still allows you more than enough room to play with, with the option of adding a smaller sofa or armchair into the mix – or maybe even both!

Medium sofas are great options for the whole family to bundle onto, or unwind and relax with a glass of wine and some friends. Medium-sized sofas allow plenty of room for a few people to sit on, without all being squished together.

Our Maple is the perfect answer for a traditional, Medium sofa. With the option to add or remove units as you see fit, Maple is made to fit neatly into your home and accommodate your every need. Available in slipcovers or as an upholstered sofa, Maple can easily integrate into any kind of home life.

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and relax, our Heath offers a more relaxed setting, with the option of including a chaise end. Again, with modular units available, Heath can be created to your exact specification, effortlessly slotting into your living space.

Big and bold 

If you’ve got enough space to do so, we recommend you opt for a grand and lavish modular sofa. A perfect social centre piece, a modular sofa offers luxurious comfort, whilst being the perfect place to host friends and family. Again, it is an absolute must that you measure a space, before deciding what units to include in your modular sofa. You don’t want to overcrowd your living space, but instead make it a sumptuous destination for you to lounge in.

Our Miller offers you plenty of choice when it comes to designing a modular sofa. Consider if you’d like a more contemporary curved sofa, or something more traditional, that follows the line of your living room. With a wide range of modular units to choose from, Miller is designed to be made completely your own.