Christmas time is here once again, and we are very excited to get this festive season underway. The tree is up, the presents are wrapped, and the Christmas cake has been iced, meaning there is only one thing left to do – set the dinner table for Christmas Day!

Christmas can often be full of dazzling colours, however this year, we’re taking a more calm and tranquil approach to Christmas decorations. We’ve opted for a neutral theme, creating a gentle, grownup atmosphere in the home. We’ve taken colour palette inspiration from a selection of our soft and wintery fabrics: Liberty Shale and Crackle Silver.

Whether you’re hosting the whole family for a Christmas day feast this year, or are having a quiet and intimate one, we have put together a perfectly elegant way for you to decorate your dining room table this yuletide.

Tranquil Table Runners

When it comes to setting up your dinner table for Christmas Day, a lovely table runner is the best place to start. It’ll act as the building block of your table’s aesthetic, which can easily be layered upon to create a beautifully festive table setting.

The Christmas Stags table runner from Sophie Allport is the perfect starting point. The gentle colours and patterns echo those featured within our Greenery Swatch Book, perfectly highlighting the organic evergreens of the winter season. Place this table runner on a bear wooden tabletop, or lay it on top of a beige tablecloth to begin your Christmas Day dinner table setting.

Image: Sophie Allport

Dainty Decorations

Now that your table runner is down, it’s worth thinking about the decorations that are going to adorn your Christmas-themed dinner table. Bigger isn’t always better, so we would recommend opting for a selection of dainty Christmas ornaments instead.

Perhaps you could thoughtfully place a selection of Honeycomb Paper Christmas Trees along your table runner, nestling some gorgeous Ceramic Houses into the scene, alongside some idyllic Ivory Ribbed Pillar Candles to complete your tasteful Christmas dinner table decoration. This will create a visually immersive dinner table for Christmas day, acting as a festive treat for those who get to sit at it. To add a little extra sparkle into the mix, why not intertwine some glistening Golden Bell Christmas Garland String Lights in amongst your display to add a wholesome glow to the table setting.

Images: Honeycomb Paper Christmas Trees, Idyll Home / Ivory Ribbed Pillar Candles, Layered Lounge / Ceramic House, Neptune / Golden Bell Christmas Garland String Lights, Oliver Bonas

Neatly Neutral Napkins

Next, have a think about napkins. Napkins are a must have at the Christmas dinner table. This year, we’re choosing snow-white napkins, offering a neat and achromic aesthetic. White napkins can be more easily paired with other table decorations, effortlessly blending into your Christmas table-scape.

We instantly fell in love with these Snowflake Napkins from The White Company. Made from a blend of cotton and linen, the delicate embroidery detail adds an elegant touch to these simple napkins. The seasonal design will truly set the scene for a wonderful Christmas dinner.

If you’re looking to add an additional splash of colour to more neutral napkins, why not tie a piece of velvet ribbon around them? This will create a smart bow decoration – select a lovely sage colour to match the Sophie Allport table runner, or go for a more vibrant red to act as a stark contrast.

Image: The White Company

Wonderful Wine Glasses

Whether you enjoy a festive tipple or are opting for something alcohol-free this festive season, wine glasses are still a vital pillar of your Christmas dinner table set-up.

This set of four Pembroke Wine Glasses from Soho Home is utterly gorgeous, perfect for casual dining or more formal dinners. These will fit beautifully into your Christmas-themed table centrepiece, with the scalloped detailing reflecting the warming ambiance emitted by lit candles and glowing fairy lights.

Of course, you’ll also need a selection of crockery to eat your Christmas dinner off. The creamy Mailia Dinner set from Nkuku will be a wonderful addition to the setup of your Christmas Day dinner table. It will effortlessly blend into the brilliant white of your napkin selection and sit nicely on the sage green of the table runner. As you’re setting up ahead of time, you can place your dinner plates and wine glasses out before Christmas Day. We recommend matching smoothly shaped golden cutlery to this setting, alongside some neutrally-coloured placemats to really tie the theme together.

Images: Set of Four Pembroke Wine Glasses, Soho Home / Mailia Dinner Set in Cream, Nkuku

Delicious Party Favours

Finally, to complete the setting of your dinner table for Christmas Day, a delicious party favour will be the perfect finishing touch. This Christmas, we’re choosing some tasty snowflake-shaped cookies, perfect for guests of any age to tuck into!

These gorgeously marbled Christmas Snowflake Cookies would merge perfectly into your neutral Christmas dinner table theme. As an added bonus, these would also make for excellent place names at your table, instead of traditional card ones. After all, Christmas is all about bringing comfort and joy to those we love; these playful cookies are a wonderful way to do just that.

Simply place these cookies on top of your napkins or crockery, allowing guests to tuck into them before a Christmas Day feast, or to savour with a cup of tea on your Collins & Hayes Sofa after the big event.

Image: Holly & Co.

It’s Time to Tuck in

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the setup of our neutrally-themed Christmas Day dinner table. Of course it goes without saying that you are allowed to take artisitc license with this. Christmas is a time of starting new and wonderful traditions with friends and family; we hope you’re been able to inspire you to do just that.

If you would like to explore the wintery fabric swatches mentioned in this Christmassy article and order a selection to look over whilst tucking into the last of the Quality Street, you can do so by clicking here.