Choosing the Right Sofa Size for Your Home

Bringing a comfy new Sofa into your home is always an exciting event, but measuring and deciding on what size to go for can be a minefield. Every home and family have different needs, which is why we have simplified our Sofas into four size categories to make your Sofa shopping experience a little simpler. Whether you reside in a cosy cottage, a metropolitan apartment or spacious suburb, Collins & Hayes have a Sofa to fit your home. Keep reading to find out more about each size.

Small Sofa

Ideal for snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with loved ones or lounging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a good book, our Small Sofas are perfectly petite. Overall small enough to fit into any home, but with a large enough seating area for 2 adults to relax comfortably, all our Small Sofas measure up to an average seat size of 123cm, so the style choice fully belongs to you.

Small Sofas are both perfect on their own and as part of a Suite. Do you have a large household? Or maybe you’re the entertainment hub for your social circle! Adding a Small Sofa to your Suite provides plenty of extra seating and can bring in a cosier vibe by creating a true nook of socialisation. And for those with teenagers under their roof, a Small Sofa is ideal for a playroom or bedroom, so they can relax with friends, and you retain your sanctuary.

Medium Sofa

The Goldilocks of Collins & Hayes, our Medium Sofas are beautifully ‘just right’ and are never too big or too small for any space. Much like the Small size, all our Sofa models are available in a Medium size, so the world is your oyster, choose from the full collection. Double up to create a conversation area in an open plan design, or pair with one of our Chairs or Snugglers.

With an extra 30cm of seating space, our Medium Sofas give noticeably more room, making them ideal for any family home. Versatility is the standout advantage of this size; it can be the main article or an additional piece alongside a larger Sofa to complete your Suite. Build your ideal living space around a Medium Sofa, whether you chill in a snug or open plan kitchen/diner, add extra seating or purely a place to put up your feet with a Collins & Hayes Footstool.

Large & Grand Sofa

Go big or go home? Why not both! Available on four of our Sofa models, Large Sofas are the statement makers of the pack. Gather the whole family onto one big snuggly Sofa for Friday night movies and Sunday morning cuddles. Each with almost 2m of seating space, our Large Sofas have ample room to stretch out for an afternoon snooze on the rare occasion you get a moment alone.

Exclusive to Maple, our Grand Sofa is the ultimate comfort spot for your sanctuary of relaxation. Measuring 254cm in total length, this Sofa is sure to be the hero piece in your living room, becoming the base to your styling choices. Elegant in name and form, the Maple Grand Sofa comes with the choice of a Formal or Pillow Back, both stylish and squishy in their own ways. It might even be our favourite piece…don’t tell the others!

All our Small, Medium, Large and Grand Sofas are easily paired with another Sofa, Armchair or Snuggler. Creating the ultimate relaxation zone, pulling you into their inviting embrace whenever you’re nearby. No matter what size works best for you and your space, every Collins & Hayes Sofa includes two complementary Scatter Cushions, as well as a stunning choice of personalisation options.