It’s no surprise that this Autumn’s trends are centred around creating a safe and cosy haven to retreat to after a cold, dark day. It’s all about adding textures through those comforting throws and cushions, and warm splashes of colour.

With staying in becoming the new going out, it’s the perfect time to update your space, and to surround yourself  with those much needed home comforts.


Keeping it Neutral

Neutral colours never really go out of style, and if you’re not looking to totally revamp your space and you want to keep hold of your trusty neutral pieces, we’ve got an easy way to make your home Autumn-ready.

Add lots of cushions in neutral shades but try experimenting with different textures to give your space depth – velvet can be used to add a touch of luxury to any room. The addition of a rug with a simple pattern, or neutral vases with Autumn foliage will also give your space a cosy feel.


Add some Spice

Earthy, rich tones will add warmth to any room. This can be done subtly through the introduction of accessories, or you can make a statement through painting an accent wall or through large items of furniture, such as our Maple collection featured below in Liberty Copper.

If you are wanting to introduce some warm tones to your space through your sofas and chairs, order your free fabric samples today.


Back to nature

Natural woods and textures are a great way to bring the outdoors in this Autumn, making us feel connected with nature. This can be achieved by sides tables, coffee tables, or wooden screens that can be used to partition your space, as seen here on the Bailey Grand Slip Cover Sofa in Heartland Sage.

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