Collins & Hayes slip cover sofas are very versatile pieces of furniture. With the capability of easily being washed at home, our slip cover sofas can be effortlessly maintained to keep them looking fresh and new for years to come.

As we move into Autumn, an incredibly wholesome and cosy month, slip cover sofas are also great for changing the look and theme of your living space. This can be applied across all seasons, moving from richly hued loose cover fabrics in the Winter, to light and airy slip covers in Springtime. This adjustment of style can quickly be accomplished by removing your sofa’s slip cover and replacing it with a season appropriate fabric.

Let us take you through a combination of our slip cover models and the best slip cover sofa fabrics for changing seasons.

Let’s start with Autumn…

With the arrival of Autumn comes the desire to cosy up for the colder months ahead. To reflect this, we recommend you opt for darker colour fabrics for your slip cover sofa. This will create a snuggly environment to nestle into with family, or your favourite book.

Our top slip cover fabrics for Autumn:

Pair these slip cover colours with accent fabrics such as Echo Graphite and Bokeh Tuscan, to bring the earthy colours of Autumnal landscapes into your home. Looking to completely encapsulate Autumn within your home? Take a look at our recommendations for the best Autumn scents.

Maple Slip Cover Sofa in Bliss Magnet.

… Wrapping up for Winter

It’s time to put up some twinkly lights, light the log burner and drink your weight in hot chocolate! Winter is a very opulent time of year, paving the way for plush and richly hued fabrics. Throw in some gold ornaments and accessories, to create a vary lavish and festive living space!

We prefer duskier coloured fabrics for Winter, reflecting the longer, cosier evenings. During the chillier months, you want to create a living space to hunker down in; our slip cover sofas will easily help you to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Our top slip cover fabrics for Winter:

Winter is a very social time, with friends and family popping in and out of your home at all times of day, bringing yuletide gifts and merry cheer with them. If a festive tipple is accidently spilt on your slip cover sofa, not to worry. Here’s our guide on how to care for unintended spills on your Collins & Hayes furniture.

Miller Slip Cover Sofa in Liberty Midnight.

Hello Spring…

Spring is an incredibly fresh and joyful time of year; of course, you want your home interior to reflect this jubilant season. We recommend choosing lighter, brighter fabrics for your slip cover sofas during this time, to create an uplifting and airy atmosphere within your living spaces.

Our top slip cover fabrics for Spring:

Springtime is the perfect season to embrace floral fabrics and pastel tones. If you’re looking to have a spring clean and update your sofa suite, why not take a look at how to select the perfect sofa size for your home. You can also treat yourself to some new slip covers too!

Lavinia Slip Cover Sofas in Meadow Haze and Bloom Rose.

… Sprucing Up for Summer

Summer is the time to fill your home with beautifully bold colours! Dazzle guests with daring slip covers; we’re thinking bright blues and luminous pinks. Celebrate the sunny season ahead by refreshing your home interior in a way like no other.

Our top slip cover fabrics for Summer:

As temperatures begin to rise, we want our homes to be cool and tranquil retreats to escape into. Cool, organic fabrics will help achieve this wish; for a full breakdown of our recommended summer fabrics, take a look at this blog post.

Beckett Slip Cover Snuggler in Spirit Magenta.

Order a Selection of Seasonal Samples

If you’re inspired by the fabrics mentioned within this article, why not order a selection of free samples? You can order up to 8 of your favourite Collins & Hayes fabric or leather samples, so have a browse and order seasonal samples by clicking here.