Springtime is finally upon us, meaning we can finally start to embrace longer, warmer, brighter days. Spring is a time of year that is always full of fresh new beginnings; a time to get rid of the old and in with the new.

With the idea of a spring refresh in mind, we’ve complied a list of some of our favourite interior styling tips for the blooming season ahead. From gorgeous greens, to fragrant florals and uplifting lighting, we’ve put together some simple ways to elevate your living spaces this springtime.

Brilliantly White

Interior design trends will come and go, but something that will always remain a Collins & Hayes firm favourite is a classic white upholstered sofa. Bringing a clean, fresh feel to any home, white furnishings and wall colours create the illusion of more space. Pastel shades are often favoured this time of year, but here at Collins & Hayes, we’re opting for more traditional white.

Picking a white sofa suite will allow natural light to bounce around a room, enabling your living space to appear larger. White paint colour is also something you can easily find in any hardware shop, so is easy to touch up; couple this with pure white furniture and you have an angelic match.

Our Lavinia, covered in Awaken Eau de Nil, is a prime example of how elegant and timeless a white sofa can look. Paired with golden accessories to add an extra layer of lavishness, complete your wonderfully white living space with some beautiful, fresh spring blooms to truly celebrate springtime.

The Grass Can Be Greener

The colours of nature are beginning to change from dull, drab browns to bright and bold greens, yellows and pink. We’re taking inspiration from the change in Mother Nature’s colour palette, by bringing beautiful green tones inside. Imagine if you could turn the smell of freshly cut grass into a colour – that’s what we’ve got in mind.

Contrasting white walls with sage or mint green cabinet colouring in your kitchen, will allow the space to feel much bigger and brighter. Again, adding flares of gold into the mix, through detailed handles and taps, will complete the look.

If you’re looking to add touches of green into your living room, some of our favourite green swatches include Linara Aloe, Crackle Evergreen and Twill Moss.

Let There Be Light

Lighting should always be functional, first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean lighting fixtures can’t also look incredible.

Lamps, lights and shades play a massive part in how a room looks and feels. Lighting fixtures really dictate the atmosphere of a living space, due to how much light and shade they allow. This year, there has been a huge trend for biophilic design; inspired by more natural materials and organic forms. We’re in favour of more natural looking lighting fixtures, made from rattan or wicker materials. Often softly toned and shaped, handcrafted lighting will create a tranquil ambience in any living space; paired with a warmly hued lightbulb, sit back and relax under your beautifully sculpted lighting fixtures.

Image credit: Nkuku.com

Make a Floral Statement

Continuing with the fresh theme, adding multiple bunches of uplifting florals into your home will make a world of difference. Whether you’re more in favour of a beautifully understated bunch of flowers, or lean more towards something bright and bold, including bouquets throughout your home will add differing layers of life and colour.

Pair your bright blooms with soft, floral scented candles, to cocoon your home in the smells of spring. From fresh, citrus scents to deep, rich flowery fragrances, draw back your curtains, open the windows and light a refreshing candle to boost the spring-like mood in your living space.