Using Fabric to Style Your Home This Summer

Summer is here, the sun is (sometimes) shining and the over-whelming urge to refresh our homes is calling. Re-painting or major DIYs can feel like over-kill, especially if you’re a seasonal styler. We have just the solution for a simple, speedy and effective way to give your space the makeover it wants. Fabric!

Change up the colours and textures throughout your home to reflect the Summer season, from Scatter Cushions and Footstools to your Sofa and Armchair covers. 2024 is all about natural and organic tones, think leafy greens, flowery pops of colour and earthy neutrals. With so many stunning combinations to choose from, we have hand selected our favourite Fabric and Leather options to reflect the styling trends this Summer. Keep reading to discover how we bring them together.


Summer is a time we want to feel refreshed, cool and energised. Your Sofa is often the largest piece of furniture in your living space, opt for a neutral Sofa to allow for changeability in the rest of your space. A neutral base is the perfect choice whether you prefer the elegance of Fixed Covers or the flexibility of Loose Covers. Our pick for Summer is Harmony Barley, this oat-toned Chenille brings in a natural texture whilst oozing serenity.

Like to switch things up each season? All our Sofas are available with the option of a Loose Cover which can be fully removed, machine washed and switched up at your pleasure. So, no need to buy a whole new sofa, simply order an additional cover and swap to your heart’s content.

Snuggler or Armchair

Complement your Sofa with a cosy Snuggler or Armchair. Your new cuddle spot is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of colour and sprinkle your personality into your space. We love the dusty pink of Breeze Rose from our Easy Clean range, it gives off calming vibes whilst sure to draw the eye of all your guests at your next BBQ. And thanks to the Easy Clean nature of this fabric, you’ll hardly flinch when a saucy hotdog ultimately finds itself perched on the armrest.


Decorate your centrepiece with a scattering of squishy softness on us! All our Sofas come with two complimentary Scatter Cushions, and our Snugglers come with one. You can even add a Scatter onto an Armchair for a little extra. Likely the easiest part of soft furnishings to switch up, Scatters are the jewellery of home décor, adding tasteful pizzazz to any space.

Bring a hint of nature indoors with Flora Vista Scatters. The soft leafy design perfectly complements the petal pink base of your Snuggler and oaty-goodness of your Sofa by adding a sense of foliage. The watercolour style adds to the floaty softness of the design, making this Accent Fabric melt seamlessly into your styling.

Pillow Back Sofas

Scatters alone not enough? You’re in luck! Our Maple and Cooper Sofas have the option to switch out the Formal Back for a Pillow Back…which means more squish and MORE CHOICE! When you order one of our Pillow Back Sofas you can opt for a different fabric on the reverse side of the pillows, meaning you have the choice of three different fabrics on one piece. We love Breeze Clover, also part of the Easy Clean range, as the perfect natural pop of colour to complement the Harmony Barley Sofa. Because our Pillow Backs are double-sided, you can switch up how they’re displayed by alternating the fabrics in different combinations, playing around with your Flora Vista Scatters to keep your Sofa looking and feeling refreshed.


Finish your furnishing with a comfy perch for your feet and opt for an earthy tone like Genesis Taupe to ground your space. Made with 100% Top Grain Leather, the cooling midtone is sure to soothe your soul as you rest your tired legs on one of our Footstools at the end of a long Summer’s day.

Often underappreciated, Footstools are a versatile piece of furniture, being used in variety of ways from an extra seat whilst hosting, to a race track for toy cars, to simply a place to rest your puppies. Our choice of Leather for your Footstool is not only one of aesthetic beauty but also of durability and practicality.

Follow our styling guide or embark on your own fabric journey and order your 5 Free Samples today. Head to our Fabrics Samples page to browse the full selection. Are you ready to get back to nature with this year’s Summer trend? Or will you pave your own path and opt for an alternative vibe for your living space? Whatever your style, we have the fabric for you!