Summer is in full swing, and we are loving this warm weather! Even though we will be spending more time outdoors, it is still important to create a space that is perfect for spending time indoors with family and friends. We have been keeping an eye out for new summer interior trends that you can create in your home.

Make a Statement!

Bold prints and statement colours are very prominent this summer. Pair your prints with a neutral background to make them stand out, this could be a white wall with bright, printed curtains. Or a neutral toned sofa with bold cushions and a footstool, just like our Bailey corner sofa pictured below.


This summer there is a significant move towards rounded shapes in interiors, particularly furniture like our Maple sofa.

The round shapes are kinder and more welcoming, perfect for now we can meet up with family and friends again. The stylish curvaceous back is gently complemented by the deep sumptuous seats and feather filled back cushions – ensuring you’ll find comfort every single time you take a seat. Complete the look with a round rug, footstool, screen or even cushions.

Connecting with Nature

House plants are a great way to connect your rooms with the outside world, whether you choose to go with real or faux, they will brighten any space and give it a new lease of life. Create a focal point by using big plants such as Monstera, or pick out little accents with small succulents or cacti. Trailing plants such as Pothos are also a very popular choice when it comes to choosing a house plant, hang them on your walls or trail them along a windowsill.

Photo credit – @la_plantguy

As well as adding house plants, why not get creative and use decorative pots, either mix and match or choose matching pots that fit with an existing theme in your home.

Photo credit – @thewhitehoneyhome

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