This year, we are seeing much more of a focus on sustainable interiors across the design industry. Finally making it easier for us eco-warriors to buy more consciously for our homes.

Sustainability has always been a huge part of our ethos at Collins & Hayes, with all of our sofas and chairs being handcrafted by our skilled tailors, using ethically sourced wood, natural fibre fabrics, and regenerated yarns. It’s important to us that our sofas not only look great, but have a positive impact on our planet too.

We have pulled together our guide to sustainable living. These quick and easy fixes are a great way to help minimise our impact on the planet.



Upcycling is a great way to bring an old piece of furniture back to life. Millions of tons of furniture goes into landfill each year, by upcycling something you can give it a new purpose and help to reduce waste. If you are redecorating a room, think about the furniture you already have. Could this be painted to match your new colour scheme? Or could an old throw be turned into a cushion? We have pulled together our favourite upcycling projects to help bring you some inspiration – check out our Pinterest board.

Thrift Shop

Shopping vintage is a great way to add something new to your space that has already had a previous life. Keep an eye on online selling sites or at a local vintage store, you might find the perfect item to finish off your room, that also stops a perfectly good item going to waste. Trends may come and go, but finding a timeless piece that you will love for years will become the centre piece of any home.

House Plants

Houseplants breathe in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen. They also soak up a lot of harmful toxins and pollutants, purifying the air. So, for a simple (and stylish) way to boost your green credentials, add a houseplant or two to every room in your home.

Terrariums are a great way to grow plants inside, they can be made from any glass container and make a stunning addition to any home. They have a base of gravel, charcoal, moss, and soil, and supports a miniature garden of moisture-loving plants. The plants draw moisture from the soil and evaporate it through their leaves. Water droplets form and drip down the sides of the container, returning to the soil. This process mimics nature’s rain cycle and sustains plant life. Get stuck in and create a terrarium for your home.