Vivid prints of botanicals, statement green accessories, complemented with monochrome settings. Welcome the Urban Palm House trend of 2020. This sophisticated style is contemporary, fuses nature with modern living, and allows you to express your personality in your living space.

Whilst tropical prints have been around before, this time we see a more sophisticated edge. It merges both contemporary and traditional, blends natural materials with pops of bright colours, and provides contrast with monochrome or earthy tones.

This trend will help inject some sunshine into your home. It feels both calming, yet uplifting with its mixture of bright colours with the feeling of bringing the outdoor in.

We have curated our favourite ways to replicate this trend at home, to help inspire you and your living space this new year.

  1. Be Subtle… if this trend feels a little to daring for you, take the simplistic approach. Use feature walls or statement prints to add a hint of this trend to your living space

2. Contrast… use monochrome settings with metallic finishes for a more sophisticated look

3. Be Bold… with statement wallpaper and plants to match

4. Feature Walls… add a statement to your space with a feature wall of your favourite botanical print

5. Mix it up…this trend doesn’t have to be about bright pops of green. For a more classic approach, try using the print in different colour ways, such as classic blue