Washable at 30


Washable Covers

Life is full of so many oops moments, but there’s no need to cry over spilt milk. Our Sofas have been designed with accidental spills, stains and splodges in mind. Life isn’t always perfect, so we’ve included Loose Cover options with this in mind!

Each of our Sofas has the choice of removable, washable Loose Covers as opposed to Fixed upholstery. Doesn’t that sound incredible?! These Loose Covers can be taken off with ease and washed at a cool 30°C, rinsing away those unwanted marks and blemishes, keeping your furniture looking neat and tidy,  perfect for everyday life.


Looking After Your Loose Covers

To ensure your Loose Cover comes out looking as good as new, please follow our washing instructions: Download Here

These instructions have been designed to keep your Loose Cover looking spick and span for years to come with no signs of muck or grime.

If you’d prefer not to wash your Loose Covers at home, you can take them to your local dry cleaner
and have them professionally cleaned – the choice is completely yours!


Additional Covers

Fancy a change? You can mix up the look and feel of your Collins & Hayes Sofa by ordering different coloured Loose Covers. Select dark, cosy tones for a more intimate feel throughout winter and transition into spring with light, airy pastels and velvets. Effortlessly change the style of your home whenever suits you with our Loose Covers.

Having a spare set also means you can pop a fresh set of Loose Covers on whilst your others are in the wash; it’ll feel like you have a brand-new Sofa every time you change your Loose Covers, what could be more convenient?